Swell Sjöström Rempis Hiby Edwards Kugel

Steve Swell - trombone
Harri Sjöström - soprano and sopranino saxophone
Dave Rempis - saxophones
Hans Peter Hiby - saxophone
John Edwards - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

The dictionary defines apophenia as the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful patterns between unrelated or random things such as objects or ideas. For improvising musicians making connections and meaningful patterns out of seemingly unrelated musical sounds and ideas is our creative mandate and defines what it is that we do every time we pick up our instruments. Connecting this musical randomness is where improvisational magic happens. The musicians gathered here are particularly good at making those connections giving their performances a kind of magic that continually surprises and inspires.

Upcoming concert tour: April 1-18, 2023
Contacts: Steve Swell
or Klaus Kugel